Dinas Emrys

The mountains of Snowdonia. To the north are the valleys of Conwy, Peris and Ogwen, to the south Nantlle, Waunfawr and Glaslyn. Have a think…….where do they all, more or less meet……. Just east of Yr Wyddfa is Gwynant, a central, beautiful valley. Near this valley, just north of Beddgelert is a hill, nothing spectacular to look at, no imposing peaks and rugged terrain. Most people don’t even give it a second glance. Take a closer look, a steep sided, rounded hill, covered in trees, that looks, from certain perspectives like a rounded belly, maybe a pregnant belly with a child inside. Over 2000 years ago, it was a fine hill fort, with some remains still visible.
Off the road, there is a track, a narrow neck of land, providing a passage to the summit of this, otherwise impregnable fortress. Passing through a cleft in the rock, a gateway which could easily be defended by just a few men. On the summit are the remains of a square tower, dating back to the 12th century. Below this, is a hidden, bowl shaped valley. It’s a valley in a hill in a valley in the hills. On one side the bowl dips away down into a gully where the water trickles over the edge and disappears underground. This hidden valley, in the pregnant, belly shaped hill is like the womb. According to legend, it is indeed a place that gave birth, gave birth to……….Dragons!!!!! The hill is Dinas Emrys, meaning the stronghold of the divine. For 1500 years it was a gathering place for the Brythonic tribes of North Wales, perhaps for the whole of Wales. When danger threatened, which, in those days, was quite often, the tribal chiefs and spiritual guides of these ancient people would meet to discuss their options. This place was the centre, the hub around which people once revolved and to where they came to strengthen their resolve. It was here that Kind Lludd buried two dragons, which had been causing a disturbance at the centre of the land. It was here, after the Romans had left and the Saxons invaded, that the Dragons stirred once again. It was here that a young boy was brought, a child of destiny, who uttered a prophecy still remembered to this day. This young boys name was Merlin.
The Dragons are awake, There is disturbance in this land,
The white Dragon is the Saxon invader, The greedy, grasping newcomer.
The Red Dragon is the people of Britain, the bearers of tradition,
Those that have been here since the beginning
They will chase each other back and forth across this land
Until such a time arises the Boar Of Cornwall Only then will peace and harmony be restored
He will be the noblest king
And his tales of exploits will be as meat and drink
To the story tellers who relate them in ages to come.
But chaos will return And there will be centuries of destruction
Until a people in a wood and iron coats
Come and restore the ancient ones to their homes
The eagle shall build its nest on Yr Wyddfa
Gold shall be squeezed from the lily and the nettle
Silver shall flow from the hooves of bellowing cattle
From the first to the fourth, the fourth to the third
The third to the second the thumb shall roll in oil
Though the goddess be forgotten
There will coma time of plenty
When the soil shall be fruitful beyond mans needs
The Fatted Boar will proffer food and drink
The Hedgehog will hide his apples in London
Underground passages will be built beneath the city
Stones will speak, the sea to France will shrink
And the secrets of the deep shall be revealed.
But be aware the Ass of Complacancy
Swift against goldsmiths, slow against the ravenous wolves
Oak trees shall burn and acorns will grow on lime trees
The Severn river will flow out through seven mouths
Fish will die in the heat and from the serpents be born
And the health giving waters at Bath shall breed death
Then root and branch shall change place
And the newness of the thing shall seem a miracle
The healing maiden will return, her footsteps bursting into flame
She will weep tears of compassion for the people of the land
Dry up polluted rivers with her breath
Carry the forest in her right hand and the city in her left
And nourish the creatures of the deep
With her blessing Man will become like god
Walking as if from a dream
Heart open and filled with light Radiant face, glowing like the rising sun
Shining eyes, like twin silver moons Radiant ears, shimmering with song
Shining lips, that dance over the words
Words of magic that burst into the air becoming swallows
The soul shall walk out, the mind of fire shall burn
And, in the twinkling of an eye, the dust of the ancients
Shall be restored.  
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